GML_S6 is one of a limited edition release of ( x 20) static NFT artworks.

General Machine Lucidities Collection (CC_AI 2-5): This work is 1 of a series of 9 videos with 8 images using a generalised adversarial network (GAN) fed with over 30 artworks and 50 sketches per piece by Charles Clapshaw.

A note from the artist:

I have been exploring Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for a couple of years now and with the recent advancements of GANs and the lower datasets needed, I decided to create an AI that only knows my universe. Using only artworks created and exhibited by myself over the last 12 years as the input set, I started to create trained models to paint like me. Introducing the CharlesBot…
Weeks and over 100,000 iterations later, I started to get some beautiful results.  Then the strangest thing started happening – the CharlesBot started painting my emotions, my painting influences (Klee, early Stella, Sol LeWitt, Kandinsky, Albers) and produced this series. As the authenticity of any brush stroke is sacred, these works have not been retouched or animated in anyway, they are pure from the what the GeoML Model created as it explored my work and feelings.
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