Now liberated from being ‘framed’ as a lesser medium or genre, my first NFT collection ‘Unframed: Mongol Warriors’ is a tribute to the validation of digital art and my personal cultural heritage. New technology-based methodologies give people, not only artists, power to express themselves artistically in way they’ve never been able to before. Digital artworks like mine finally have a chance to be valued, to be appreciated, owned and loved like traditional fine art.

Fearless (Still)

Fearless (Still) is a limited edition release of ( x 10 ) still NFT artworks.

Tumen Altangadas’ Unframed: Mongol Warriors collection aims to overcome misrepresentation of the historical figure as a ‘cruel war raging conqueror’ by re-characterising Chingis Khaan as an inspired leader, tactician and true genius.

A note from the artist:
Little girls are born fearless and fierce – they are so often squashed down and flattened into proper “nice” women. I related to this work on so many levels as a Mongolian, a father of two beautiful daughters and so on… Last year I was asked to design and sculpt this little piece for an Australian women /army veteran/ who as a child grew up riding horses around the farm in country NSW. Her story about how fascinated she was about Mongolian people and culture, and how she used to play horse archer on her own horse really interested me. I was also touched by how that fearless horse loving fierce girl changed and molded by society and social norms, then regaining some of that to achieve great things in her life. Thanks to Mel O’Sullivan for her story and giving me the opportunity to create this piece.

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